The Strategic Travel Entrepreneur

Ep 102 Tech Solutions for Travel Advisors

June 02, 2023 Rita M. Perez Episode 102
The Strategic Travel Entrepreneur
Ep 102 Tech Solutions for Travel Advisors
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Show Notes

The Travel Tech Audio Summit launched on 5/31 and I wanted to share some short snippets from the 30-40 minute long interviews. 

Listen in to hear incredible stories of entrepreneurship and learn about some of the amazing tech you as travel advisors, or even suppliers, can take advantage of.

Special thank you to our Summit Featured Speakers:

Irving Betesh, CEO and Founder at Sion

David Chait, CEO at Travefy

Debby Corwin, Founder at TAToolkit Inc. 

Alicia Diez, Co-Founder at LUXPages 

Kimber Falkinburg, Co-Founder at Sequense 

Dora Karanikas, Co-Founder at LUXPages 

Grace McBride, Co-Founder at Lucia

Alexandra Tucker, Co-Founder at Sequense

Carrie Wallace, Co-Founder at FamGuru 

Shayna Zand, Head of Partnerships at WeTravel 

Enjoy (and take action)!

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